How to Solve White Screen of Death WordPress Error

White Screen of Death WordPress ” Are you facing this Error on your Website? If yes >then continue reading.

Sometimes it happens when you open your website and it shows nothing except a blank white screen with an error ” White Screen of Death ” Its simply means your site is down and something needs to be correct to get it back to the normal visible page not get too late to fix it because how long it stays appear user will no longer reach to your normal website and that is a bad user experience. Users will leave your site and Google will count it as bad user experience and your site bounce rate will be increased because nobody likes delay. Especially in an Online field.

In this article, we will tell you how you can solve this White Screen of Death WordPress Error.


Let’s Get Started.

There are possibly two things which could be a reason to get this Error.

1- Plugin Problem

2- Theme problem

Table of Contents

Plugin Problem

It’s pretty easy to solve this error. Remember when you got this error you won’t be able to use your dashboard as like before then how would you do that. Simply access your wp-installation Folder via FTP and find out the plugin folder “ rename ” the folder supposes plugins to “ plugin_old ” and create a new folder “ plugins ” .

Step 1- Plugins folder

Step 2- Rename the folder plugins to ” plugins_old ”

Step 3– Create a new folder ” Plugins ”

Remember: Do not open the Plugins folder

open your website if it starts working fine it means one of the plugins was not compatible and cause the error.

Now Find out which plugin was faulty to do this open the old plugin folder and start copying plugins files one by one, and find out which one is faulty. That’s the way you can find out the faulty one.

Theme problem

Some times your theme is not compatible and it can cause this error. You can repeat a similar procedure to solve this error theme folder that will be present in the Wp-Installation folder in your root directory. You can change the theme to default to get rid of this Error.

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