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When it comes to passive earnings than nothing is more good than Youtube. Do you know that you can earn 1000$/week with youtube? Yes, it is amazing > then how to start earning on youtube? how to start Youtube channel? Learn more…

Starting your youtube career is not that hard at all. However, getting no views and subscribers on your channel will hurt you the most, but if you continue to work genuinely then after 5-6 month you will notice a growth on your channel,thats the bitter reality I wanted to tell you before getting started everything with your Youtube channel.

How to get started.

1- Select your channel niche

2- Create a channel

3- Start Posting videos

4- Monetize your channel with Adsense

5- Start earning

In this article, I’ll guide you on how to start Youtube channel step by step.


Let’s start creating our first channel.

First of all, login with your gmail id and then open your web browser and type youtube. It will take you to the main page of youtube.

how to start Youtube channel

this is your youtube home page. Remember as I mentioned above you must have to login first on Gmail. When you are login and coming onto this page you will get an image icon at the top right-hand corner > Click over there…

how to start Youtube channel

By clicking the image icon This side will be opened. Now click on settings.

how to start Youtube channel

After clicking on settings finally you will find an option to ” Create a new channel ” Hover over and click and start creating one.

how to start Youtube channel

Select your channel name. It can be anything you like. But for educational purpose as an example, we type ” Learning Tv ”

Press enter and create.

how to start Youtube channel

See we have successfully created our channel. Now its time to customize our channel.

how to start Youtube channel

We have to do two things here. First, we have to upload our channel photo and cover photo.

Let’s start with the profile photo click ” L ” type icon it will take you to the image uploading option.

upload youtube channel profile image

Click edit.

upload image

Again click here and upload your image.

image uploaded on youtube

See we have uploaded this image from our computer. It’s perfect. You can try different sizes to select which fits in the box.

We are done here and close this tab and go back to the previous tab or page.


Close the tab then refresh the youtube tab when you go back.

upload youtube channel art

Now its time to upload youtube channel art or cover.

Youtube channel art size 2560*1440

The size of the youtube channel cover is 2560 into 1440.

add youtube channel description

See we have successfully created our channel art and profile image. Now time to give some brief intro to our channel. Click about section.

about section of youtube

Add description, Add link and add your email for inquiries.

add country on youtube

have a look and notice we have put our description in short email and social link of facebook as well as our home country.

Select your original country where you are living right now because you will get the payment pins on the same address in the future.

Now have a look at how your channel looks like if any visitor visits your channel.

view your channel as visitor

Click above as see your channel as a visitor.

created youtube channel

This is how our channel looks like.

Congratulations if you are doing the same following step by step procedure with us. We have done it.

In the next article, we’ll explore some essential settings for our channel and we’ll also see how to upload a video.

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