How To Use Facebook App on PC Without Downloading

Do you know that you can use the facebook app on your desktop PC? Is it strange? Absolutely not, In an online world, nothing seems to be impossible anymore, then how To Use Facebook App on PC Without downloading and installing?

Everyone knows, that apps work only in cell phones and sometimes in the pc using Bluestack software. However, we can use facebook using our browsers, but sometimes many people ask me a tricky question that we don’t want to use facebook on the browser and we don’t want to use Bluestack because it slows down the system, cant we use apps on our system straight away. The answer is yes,you can use facebook right away from your desktop.

In this article, we’ll let you know step by step How To Use Facebook App on PC Without Downloading and installing.


First of all login to your facebook using Google chrome browser.

How To Use Facebook App on PC

Now go to the Chrome settings.

create a desktop shortcut in chrome

Hower over and click > More tools > Create a shortcut

create a desktop shortcut in chrome

Now here you have two opens.

One you can check the box with tick what does it mean,when you will have an app shortcut on your desktop you can simply click the App and the new separate tab will be open.

secondly, If you never check that box it simply means when you click the app icon on Your desktop facebook new tab will be open beside your existing tab.

But for now, we’ll check the box ” Open as window

create a desktop shortcut in chrome

check the box and then simply click create.

Facebook desktop shortcut created

Look at the image above we have successfully created a desktop shortcut of our facebook. Now you don’t need to go to your browser again and again just simply click the app icon and start using facebook. Let’s check out how it works.

facebook app on pc

See it works fine separately without any other tabs. However, if you want to use any other website then go to Google and open a new tab this tab will work only for facebook.

If you want to remove this app from your desktop simply delete it.

We are all done with our topic.

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