How To Use Free Vpn On Opera Browser Without Downloading

Is VPN free > No > Want to access blocked features > yes > want to use free >yes > want to download > No..!! There are so many questions with yes and No. However the answer is simply yes, you can use all these features with opera free of cost. How To Use Free Vpn On Opera Browser Without Downloading

VPN stands for a virtual private network it’s providing secure browsing to its premium users. However, it’s free for some time but later you have to pay for it. It enhances your browsing experience and you can access virtual servers of different locations just like proxy servers. Even you can unblock the blocked features in your region with the help of a VPN. Opera is the only public browser that is offering this service free of cost and you know the best thing of opera VPN it’s built-in the browser you don’t need to download it separately.

In this article, we are going to see How To Use Free Vpn On Opera Browser Without Downloading.


Let’s get started How To Use Free Vpn On Opera Browser.

First of All download the opera browser and then open it.

How To Use Free Vpn On Opera Browser

This is the homepage of the Opera browser now look for settings.

Opera browser settings

Look at the top right corner of the Opera browser click settings.

Go to browser settings of opera

Click Browser settings at the bottom of the settings tab.

click advanced settings

Click advanced settings.

privacy and security

Click privacy and security


Turn the VPN on.


The VPN is finally ON. Now go to any website lets suppose we open facebook and see how it works.

How To Use Free Vpn On Opera Browser

See its showing that our VPN is on.

How To Use Free Vpn On Opera Browser

You can also lookup your data transferred in this VPN how much data you have used this is also a wonderful feature of this VPN. It’s not finished yet.

change server location with opera vpn

You can also change your server location at set it to USA Europe or America it’s also free.

Off the vpn

You can turn off this VPN at any time as mention above.

That’s how Opera free VPN works. We are all done with our topic.

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