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Is English your native language? If no then this might be the biggest issue if you are doing some writing work. Grammarly is a great tool especially for writers because it corrects our grammar automatically during writing online tasks. How to use Grammarly how it works?

If English is not your mother language then you might face lots of issues, For example, Vocabulary issues, Grammatical issues, Pronunciations issues and so on. But what is so important if you are doing some writing work which is your grammar because it should make some sense and convey your point of thought what exactly you trying to say during writing. Finally, Grammar has solved this issue for writers it fixes your mistakes automatically as well as your spelling mistakes and sentence mistakes.

In this article, you are going to learn how to Use Grammarly How It Works.


how to Use Grammarly How It Works

First of all, Open chrome browser and type ” Chrome web store

how to Use Grammarly How It Works

Click the first link.

how to Use Grammarly How It Works


Type Grammarly and Add it to chrome.

Add to chrome

Click Add extension and add it to chrome.

Grammarly downloading

The extension is downloading.

Extension is added

See your extension has been added to your menu bar.

Now let’s go to any text editor and see how it works.

Text editor

Look at the text image above _____ red underline represents the grammar or spelling mistakes and look at the bottom left ” 10 ” represents 10 grammatical mistake in our writing task.

correct grammar mistakes with grammarly

See Grammarly telling us you have a spelling mistake correct it.

gramnmar mistakes

See it’s telling us the grammar mistakes, Move your cursor over the red-underlined text and make it green.

That’s how Grammarly works.we are all done with our topic. It has two versions free and paid, free work more than average. Overall it’s very useful.

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