How to use Someone else video for monetization purposes

Can I use someone else video for monetization purposes? This is a very demanding question nowadays. The answer is, Yes, you can. How to use Someone else video for monetization purposes? Learn more about this.

You can use thousands of videos under a creative common license. This license allows you to reuse the video for general and commercial purposes. You won’t get any type of strike by using the content under a creative common license. You only get the strike when you are using the videos under “ standard Youtube license “If you are using creative common license video you are safe and free to use.

in this article, I’ll guide you on how to use Someone else video for monetization purposes without a copyright strike.


What are a creative commons license:-

Youtube has two policies for using someone else content.

1- Fair usage policy

2- Creative commons license policy

In its first policy youtube allows you to use a small of someone else video for a few seconds I would say. However on the other hand, under creative common license Youtube allowing you to use the complete video of someone else.

How it Works.

Suppose if you are uploading a video, during uploading you probably get a different setting option, in those options one option will be about the license option. If you choose a standard common youtube license it means you are not allowing anyone to use your video without your permission. However, if you are choosing a creative commons license it means you are allowing everyone to use your content on their channels such as videos.

Sometimes many people by mistake select a common creative license during the uploading videos and other people start using their videos and they don’t even realize how foolish mistake they have made, because unintentionally you are sharing your revenue with others because those who used your content might be using monetize channels and getting paid by youtube.

Why people choose a creative commons license?

They might use for several reasons but the major reason is advertising purposes maybe they want to promote their content on maximum places in maximum users. You can use their content after modification or you can use their content as it is if you are not using for commercial purposes.

Terms and condition for using content under a creative common license:-

1- Use content after modification if you are using for monetization purposes

2- Check the status of video/content is it available for reuse only or for commercial purposes as well because sometimes you start using the video without knowing about the types of permissions. Remembers for monetization purposes you need both the permissions, for reuse and commercial purposes.

If you are using video under a creative common license and you don’t know either the owner allows his video for commercial use or not for commercial use and still you are using his content for commercial purposes he can send you a strike so make sure video should be available for commercial use as well besides resue.

3- Sometimes you download a video under a creative commons license but later you got the strike. The basic reason of this strike is an unidentified owner, before downloading any video make sure you are using the content of the original owner and he is allowing people to reuse his content. However, if he is not allowing people to use his content under standard common youtube license but still people using his material and those who copying their content also allowing people to use the content under a creative commons license and unfortunately if you are copying the material from the 2nd owner the original owner can send you a strike.

How to find creative commons licensed video

First of all open youtube and search for filter options.

Youtube Filters

Click filter and look for under creative common option.

Creative commons licensed

Select this go back and start searching your desired videos.

search video under creative commons license

After setting the filter we have searched a video and under video description, you can see that this video is under commons creative license and the owner is allowing us to reuse but here we have to find out two things.

1- is he a real owner

2- can we use this video for commercial purposes.


Don’t forget to mention the real video link in your description when you are using someone else video under a creative commons license and also give him credit for allowing you to use his video. If you are not doing these two things, there are high chances of getting a strike.

Now have a look at another video.

video without commons creative license

Look at the above-mentioned image it doesn’t have commons creative license it means you cannot use this video. After knowing that this video is not for reuse, if you still use this video then you will definitely be going to get a strike.

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