How to Verified Amazon Affiliate Account Step by Step

Have you just recently landed on our website after spending hours and hours of research on how to make money online?
Finally, you got to know that Affiliate marketing can fulfill all your dreams.No doubt Amazon is best in this business. How To Create Amazon Affiliate Account and Make Money Online and How to Verified Amazon Affiliate Account Step by Step.

How amazon works this picture will tell you the exact story.

How amazon Works

The advertiser is an amazon.

You are Affiliate who will display products of Amazon on your website.

Your website users will click the products on your website and redirect them to the Amazon website.

If they buy any product on Amazon you will earn a commission.

That’s how Amazon works.


As we have already shown in our previous article how to create an amazon affiliate account. At the end of the account creation, you will get a mail that amazon is reviewing your website and your account will be fully verified.

amazon reviewd your account

Read the body text this was our last step during affiliate account creation. Amazon has clearly mentioned that amazon will be reviewed your account shortly.

It was also mentioned that if you have failed to give three clients to amazon in 180 days your account will be closed.

How to get fully verified access on amazon central

When you completed the account creation you can simply create affiliate product links and can display on your affiliate website which you have just created for amazon.

After displaying amazon product links, Amazon will review your account and monitor the traffic coming on amazon from your website.

You will be notified via mail.

amazon product links

This is the email of amazon you will get in your registered email account.

They have clearly mentioned three steps to get full access.

1- Sign up 

2- Now you can display products links

3- Amazon will review your website traffic coming to its website.

If you are sending sufficient traffic to amazon and they are buying on amazon you will surely gonna be verified soon.

That’s how Amazon works. You are all done.

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