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Have you got stuck with slow website speed? And you getting bad reviews about slow page loading and you don’t know why this is happening only with you. Stop thinking too much you are not alone. Millions of WordPress website owners getting this issue that’s very awkward sometimes but this is very common and very easy to 3 steps you are going to learn how you can increase your WordPress website speed.

Honestly speaking page loading speed influences everything (everything means everything) from traffic to bounce rate to conversions, user satisfaction and, finally, profits

The first step to improving WordPress speed performance is to find out what items are slowing it down then after taking the right precautions you can maintain its consistency and speed up.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how you can increase your WordPress website speed in 3 easy steps. let’s get started to keep reading.

Why optimizing a website speed is important

when a user lands on your WordPress website especially the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention to convince them to hang around.Average page load time is 7.2 sec However mostly websites like facebook and etc have loading time is 1.5 to 1.9-sec that’s awesome, and in case if you are unable to maintain these statistics you could end up with a sluggish site and you lose subscribers and customers.

You just have to follow only 3 steps and you will exactly get to know how you can increase your WordPress website speed.
what those steps are, keep reading.

1-Install lazy load plugin
2-install Wp optimize plugin
3-install smush image compressor

These 3 things will boost up your website speed like never before. How these plugins works wait and watch and don’t worry all are free.


There are many websites over the internet on which you can check your website overall performance but we personally use GTmetrix it shows your exact page loading speed and your website errors.

GTmetrix-How you can increase your WordPress website speed

This is a GTmetrix website and simply you can type your URL and it will show you your website statistics.
If it’s showing everything slows then close it and go to your WordPress dashboard and click plugins,


Add new plugins. and type lazy load by wp rocket.

Lazy Load

lazy load-GETLearners

Install and activate this plugin and go to settings of this plug in.

lazy load settings-GETLearners

This page will show in settings> Now check all the three boxed and reload the website and go to again GTmetrix and see the results.

After this install another plugin that’s called smush image compressor. mostly website loads slow because of heavy HD images but these two plugins really decrease the chances to be slow loading smush and lazy load.


smush- GETLearners
Go to plugins install and activate smush. After activating this plugin go to settings.

smush settings-GETLearners

You will see a page like this after entering in the settings, right now we don’t have images when you will have images in your library it will count images and it will show you the compression option. when you will click on compression your images will start compressing and it really decreases the size of your big images with affecting the quality of images.

Now move on to the next one that’s very very important that is wp Optimizer this plugin will delete your website cache and maintain CSS and other error. you will get both options paid and free you can choose whatever you like but the free version is not that bad at all.

WP Optimizer

wp optimizer-GETLearners

This plugin will really boost your site> Go to settings and you will see the page like this

cache-How you can increase your WordPress website speed

This is the database page you have to check all the available options then save. Now move onto the next option.


Click on the cache and save it will remove your cache from website.

Pictures-How you can increase your WordPress website speed

Click on images it will compress your image size and you will see the real change in your website loading speed

Last step goto GTmetrix and see the results you will be happy. Thanks for reading.

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