What is Youtube? How to earn money? how youtube pays per view

Are you looking the ways to get passive earnings? then youtube is the best source of passive income online. What is Youtube? How to earn money? how Youtube pays per view?

There are so many questions, but today we gonna tell you the real way of earning money with youtube.

Youtube is a video streaming website, where you can share stream live and upload videos. It’s totally free for everyone.
More than 1,300,000,000 are using Youtube as per the latest stats.

More than 300Hours of video uploaded every minute on youtube. It means per second 75000 people searching on Youtube. Moreover, this becomes the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

In this article, we’ll cover the necessary and general queries as well as, we’ll clear some basic and negative perceptions about youtube.


Introduction of Youtube

Youtube was founded by 3 Paypal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005 and later they sold it to Google in US$1.65 billion in 2006. Now it’s officially a Google’s property.

Annual revenue of Youtube and users

The annual revenue of youtube is US$4 billion and more than 1 billion people using it.

Is Youtube Profitable?

Yes! Youtube is the 2nd best way to get passive earnings after blogging.

why does youtube pay Youtubers?

YouTube launched its Partner Program just like affiliate marketing. Youtube allows you to monetize your channels and get paid through views and advertisements served on your videos.

What Is The Earning Program Of Youtube For YouTubers?

Youtube is owned by Google and Google running its oldest revenue sharing program called ” Google Adsense ”

You have to monetize your channel first by fulfilling its specific criteria for ads monetization.

What Is Google AdWord?

Google AdWords is an online advertising program of Google, Where advertisers promote their products services on different websites and pages even on youtube videos. What Google does, it displays advertisers’ ads on the promoter’s website or youtube channels. When any user clicks on that specific website where Google ads are displaying and if the user clicks those ads and redirect to the advertiser’s website Google get paid by the advertiser and Good would share its revenue with you because you were the one who displaying Google ads on your website.

Adwords is a program for advertisers from where Google earning and Adsense is the program from where we are earning through Google.

How Much Revenue Is Youtube Sharing With Us?

Youtube sharing its 55% revenue with YouTubers.

How Can I Earn Money From YouTube?

1- Select a niche.

2- Create a youtube channel

3- Monetize your channel through youtube by fulfilling its terms and conditions.

4- Connect your monetized channel with Adsense

5- Start uploading video and get paid for views

Is Youtube Pays Only For Views?

No! Youtube will pay you for three reasons.

1- Youtube start paying you on 1000 views its called RPM

2- Youtube pays you for CPC ” Cost per click ” it means what is the value of your searching keyword and how many times people click and search your video.

3- Youtube pays you for CTR ” Click-through rate ” How many time ads shown on your video

There is some revenue source of Youtubers.

How To Withdraw Money From Youtube?

Youtube release payments 21st of every month. You can attach your bank account through Adsense.

What Are The Minimum Payouts Of Youtube?

You can withdraw money when you have a minimum of 100$.

Does YouTube Pay Every Month?

Yes, it pays every month.

How Many Subscribers Do I Need To Get My Monetization On?

1000 subscriber

Anything Else Remaining Which Is Mandatory To Activate Monetization?

Yes. Watch time of 4000hrs. It means people have watched your video 4000 hrs minimum.

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