Keywords Everywhere is a paid tool now its not free Anymore


I just wake up this morning and open my laptop and I was thinking about what to do now after an hour of thinking I took a decision to write an article. I just open the Google keyword planner and type my query for getting keyword,then the worst thing happened, I didn’t find anything at the volume place.

After that, I open my browser and type the word to find out the exact volume of my keyword. The results were weird I was morn for two minutes what going on then I refresh my browser and tried again, I found the same results then I checked my Keyword everywhere extension and I got the clue.keywords everywhere packages

it was clearly mentioned by the extension developers that by Oct 1 this is going to be a paid browser extension. You need to buy credits to use this extension.

buy keyword everywhere credits free

It is clearly mentioned in the above image that without having credits you are unable to use this tool anymore.

Remember, the Keyword everywhere was a free browser extension which was showing the exact monthly search volume. It was working fine with the Google keyword planners as well. As you know that Google keyword planners show the estimated results of keyword, not the exact ones but keyword everywhere was showing the exact monthly search results, But unfortunately, goods things are always not long-lasting it has to end, the same things happened with Keyword everywhere.

If you can say that this is the death of bloggers then you won’t be wrong because this tool was widely used by bloggers to find out keywords volume but not anymore.

Although only paid members will be able to use this now.Time to say bye to the free users.RIP

There are many premium tools available over the internet which is far better than keyword everywhere I will suggest to the paid users if you are planning to buy a paid tool then don’t go for keywords everywhere.

You can use kw finder, Moz, Ahref or any other good premium tool.

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