locked and secure Facebook profile Step by Step

Do you know that Now you can completely locked and secure Facebook profile for anonymous people? How to do that? How does it work? Let’s Get started.

Facebook is the largest social media on the internet and bringing billions of people together. People share their emotions on Facebook either sad moments or happy. Apart from this useful platform facebook breaches the security of millions of people. Anonymous people stole the images and videos of unknown persons and then blackmail after that, so to protect the personal data of Facebook users and keep them serve secure on Facebook, Facebook introduced a new feature which is | Locked Profile Option |

How you can be locked and secure Facebook profile Step by Step.


Let’s Get started locking Facebook profile follow the few basic steps.

Step 1: Click on Help & Support 

Help and support Step 2: Click the Help Centre

Help centre

Step 3: Type in the Search Box

Search box of facebook

Step 4: Type Lock Facebook Profile

locked and secure Facebook profile

After completing step 4 when you see this message its simply means this service is not available in your region. If your country will be eligible you will see a TAP button, simply click and your profile will be a lock. Incase if you would like to unlock your profile simply repeat these 4 steps come back here press TAP and unlock your profile.

If your country is not eligible then don’t be dishearten there are some other ways you can secure your profile.

The simplest way to protect your profile is to restrict people from scrolling your profile.

You can Change your Follower settings.

You can also change your Tag Reviews.

You can change who can add you as a friend.

You can change your story settings.

You can change your message settings.

You can change your Timeline reviews.

You can change your email or mobile phone number who can search for you using these options.

These are the few settings you can apply to your personal Profile to make it protective.

For more details about locked and secure Facebook profile Step by Step keep reading GETlearners.

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