Top 10 Tips To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

Undoubtedly amazon is no 1.Everyday sharing million of $ to its Affiliates. Apart from these profits amazon does ban thousand of Affiliate accounts every day as we have discussed earlier why amazon could ban your account. if you missed out Click here. If you also working as an amazon affiliate partner and not getting so much earning as you were expecting then we will give Top 10 Tips To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate.

By using these tips you can simply get conversions your referring clients would be attracted to purchase on Amazon so you can get paid and earnings will be improved.

How to make it possible. Keep reading the secretes.


10 Tips to improve your Amazon Earnings.

1- Niche Selection

Niche selection is important. When you start creating your website your work should be specific on one niche. You cannot mix multiple niches if you really looking for huge profits through amazon.

Select the specific niche and select niche related products. You cannot get earnings if your website is about sports and you are displaying stationery products. The user doesn’t like it at all and amazon too and it’s not good in terms of profits.

2- Show Product images with Clickable Links

When you are writing articles or writing product related topics make sure you paste the link between topics and link must be clickable and if you are displaying product image then many people will redirect to amazon hopefully to get the sale.

This is the best trick so far. When you about to create product links on the amazon affiliate website, it gives you multiple options like to copy HTML code and post in the header section of your post or to create short links or links with clickable images.

3- Write Product Reviews Articles

Write product-related reviews articles in your words don’t copy as it from amazon and do not type overall changed reviews just write in your own words.

4- Make Short links and Paste in the First Paragraph

Try to put links in between paragraph. When you go to create a product link by default amazon will give you multiple options you can create a short link and paste in between paragraph. This will really work for you to get conversions.

5- Link to Amazon 5-10 times in Single Article

Try to redirect users on amazon as many times as you can because you get earnings from two ways on Amazon. If someone buys the product from your affiliate link you get a commission and secondly if someone is going to amazon from your web and buying something else which is not a part of your affiliate product still you will get some commission.

6- During Holidays write about Promos

People usually look for discounted products and looking for promos so the best time to grab this opportunity is to write about sales on black Fridays and other weekend occasions. By default, every weekend amazon brings different sales and promotion offers. You can display these sales on your website to get more conversions.

7- Choose the Niche on which you Get Good Payouts

Before choosing the niche and creating the website checkout the commission rate of amazon products because you get different commission rates on different per decided by amazon.

8- Insert Buy Now Button Multiple Times in Article

By default, Amazon gives you an option to insert amazon buy now button on your website. You can make this button your own and link to amazon buy now button. This will also work for you to get more conversions and buyers.

9- Show the Product Comparison to your Users

Select all your niche products and compare their features prices and specifications to show your users to select the most suitable one.

10- Display best selling products on your website

Amazon displays best selling products every month. So do it the same on your website show best selling products on your website too. It allows users to buy any product from these best selling products. This is also a good way to get more buyers.

There are plenty of things which increase your conversions and increase your sales but above mention ones were the most working one’s.

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