How to Post a GIG on Fiverr Step by Step Part 2

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Post a GIG on Fiverr

We have divided this topic into two parts How to Post a GIG on Fiverr

1- Profile creation.

2- Start Creating a GIG

Profile creation for GIG is mandatory without creating your Fiverr profile you won’t be able to see the further option, so it’s necessary.

we have already created a Fiverr profile step by step for more details How to create it Click here.

Start Creating a GIG

when you finally done with your profile creation click continue. It will take you to the main page of GIG creation.

Post a GIG on Fiverr

At the top of the image, you can see many options.








You have to fill all the options one by one. When you complete one necessary field you will be able to fill another one.

Let’s start with the first one Overview.

There are three things in the above image.


Skill category


First of all, Write your title it can be anything like im a web developer I will type here “ I will do create a WordPress website for you ” you can type your own suppose, you are a photographer you can type here ” I will do collect unique images for you ” You can type here anything. It should be about your GIG or Skill.

Now select your category and subcategory. You will get many options by default after typing your title. These categories should be related to your Title.

Now type your tags. People can some times search for sellers through tags. Suppose im creating a website my tags should be like this ” WordPress Websites, web development, web designing ” etc. You can type your own tags related to your GIG.

After putting this information Save&Continue and move onto to the price section.

Scope and Pricing

SET price of GIG


At top of the image on the right side, you can see an option “ 3 packages ” You can turn it off or on it’s up to you. If you check this off it means you are offering one package of one GIG that is the only basic package.

If you turn it on it means you are offering 3 packages for one GIG three-column will be opened as you can see in the above image. For example, im creating a website I will select only one package and I will turn the standard and premium package off.

So I will not get these two columns “Standard” and “Premium

Suppose I have already created the Basic package and I want to introduce some new packages how will i create these packages.

Basic Package– I will create a WordPress Website for you

Standard Package– I will create a WordPress Website for you and i will do Onpage SEO for you

Premium packagesI will create a WordPress Website for you and I will do Onpage SEO for you and Off-page SEO for you.

As you can see above I have just added extra work and I made three packages. I will differently for all the packages.

I can charge for the first package 5 dollars and I can charge for 10 dollars for the second package and I can charge 12 dollars for the 3rd package it means the client is getting a 3 dollars discount so he will get a discount so he might be interested in it.

So this is the trick you can also implement. If you are beginners create only one package its a suggestion.

This is the most important section of your GIG. Whatever you type here, directly impacts your buyers you can get many orders or you can get nothing. So fill these options very carefully. Set reasonable prices, How many days you will complete an order, how much you charge extra for additional work.

Again type your package name as we have done in an overview section and then type the GIG description what you offering you your buyers then select the delivery time, in how many days you will complete the project 2 days 3 days 1 day or etc.

Scroll down and move on to the other options below.

Post a GIG on Fiverr

Select revisions.How many revisions you will offer to your client. It means if you have completed your work and submit the client says it’s not up to the mark do it again so this revision clearly mentions how many times you will correct the query of client this is the revision.

Below revision, you will get extra options you check it or uncheck its depend on the service and the things you do for your client. You can check all these options if you can do this for your client. These are actually related to my GIG you will get different options related to your GIG.

Select the price. Remember the minimum order price is 5$. You cannot work for less than 5 dollars. You can select a minimum 5$ of your services of a maximum 995$.

Remember: Fiverr will cut 1$ from every 5$. It means you got an order of 30$ Fiverr will cut 6$ from your earnings that’s the worst thing of Fiverr.

Scroll down and move on.

Post a GIG on Fiverr

These are extra things you can offer any extra service to the client .if he/she will be interested to take this they can get it with your package. just like buy one get one free but here this is not free you will charge the client separately for this extra work.

Fiverr extra work

This is how you can charge your client. save and move on.

brief description of GIG

Type a brief description of your GIG again and add FAQS.

FAQS are the queries that the client can ask you. So you have to write here before he Asks.

Let’s suppose im offering him I will do create websites on WordPress.

When he will read this description. He might start thinking that on what version I will use to create websites what are the plugins which im going to install?

So I will write a question? and I will answer a question in faqs before he asks.

Click and save and move on to the next section.

requirements of sellers

Tell your requirements before getting started. Suppose im offering him to create his website. So what are my requirements?

I will type here I do need your WordPress id and password to Get started. This is my requirements. You can type your own according to your GIG.

Click save and move on.

Create a GIG on Fiverr

This is again about requirement what you need to get started.

Type whatever you need and move on.

Create a GIG on Fiverr

You will get multiple options here If your work is related to Word Excel or PDF upload the file here if your work is related to video editing or Youtube extra upload here if you are doing anything else just simply upload thumbnail image here.

Click and save and move on.

Create a GIG on Fiverr

You have put in all the above information now time to publish your GIG.

Publish GIG

After clicking publishing your GIG this new page will be shown.


CReate a new GIG

You can view your live GIG and you can create your new GIG from here too.

You can also check here how many people click on your GIG.

Congratulations you have Successfully Post a GIG on Fiverr. Your GIG is live now.

Fuverr Home


If you want to see someone else GIG just simply go to the main page of Fiverr you will be able to see many GIGS and you can get an idea of how people created their GIGs but don’t copy as it is to create your own if you want to get orders.

Fiverr gigs of other people

When you complete many orders with 5-star ratings so your GIG will also be shown on the first page of Fiverr as a top rates seller.

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