Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing for Promoters

Every business has some pros and cons and affiliate marketing is one of them it has some advantages and disadvantages too. If you are promoting someone else product on your website it means you are a promoter, so before starting this business have a look at some Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing for Promoters.

Pros of Affiliating Marketing

Pros of affiliate marketing

Less expertise required –

For doing affiliate marketing business you don’t need any business degree required neither an experience required. You can start this business in a week. Its pretty simple. Thoroughly research is required and then get started.

Low investment idea – 

You don’t need to be a millionaire to start this business. You can start it with low investment as low as 50$. Even you don’t need and warehouse to the stock product or need any office and paying your employees. You are your own boss.

Million Dollar Business in a few days – 

You cannot image and you won’t believe that you can be a millionaire in a day by doing this business. All you need to do is to promote the product of others and getting commissions. Some merchants will give you 150-300$ for single sale from your reference. In my opinion nothing more profitable than this.

Passive source of income –

This is the best source of passive income. You don’t need to skip your existing business to jump in affiliate marketing if you are doing any traditional business then its ok you can do this with your current business. It can be your secondary business besides your primary business.

Utilize your experience –

If you are working or studying in the marketing field this would be a test of your expertise because you can try different techniques to engage users to buy the specific product. You can create campaigns and try different activities events to promote the specific merchant and get your desired revenue.

Not Helpline or customer service needed –

You don’t need to create any customer service center or any online help or support box to resolve the issue of the client. Your referred buyer can contact straight away to the merchant.

Independent business –

You are your own boss.No one will define your job what you have to follow whatnot. You have to give instructions to your self. what is good and what is bad for your business. You are totally independent.

Flexible timings –

You can work in your own timings there is no such limit to work 9-5 on a chair. You can work even while laying down hanging out, during traveling because no one is your boss.

Cons of Affiliating Marketing

Cons of affiliate marketing

High competition –

This business is totally online and open for everyone with minimum investment thats why it has high competition.

You have to try something different all the time to grab the user to stick your website and purchase from your link. you cannot control competition your own.

Some How you are dependent –

Remember you are promoting someone else products and you have to follow the terms and conditions of that merchant whom you are promoting. You can not change anything your own. Somehow you are bound to follow.

One customer for one time only –

Once a customer purchased from your link he will not come back.he will buy directly from the main merchant. This is the worst reality of this business. You have to find new buyers all the time sadly.

No earnings guaranty –

You can be a millionaire or you can be a failure,there is no guarantee of earnings in this business that’s another bitter truth of affiliate marketing. You must be a lucky person.

Someone can hijack your links –

This is also a thick reality of affiliate marketing that hackers can steal your links and you won’t get any commission when someone buys from your links they will grab your commissions. How sad is this?

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