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Are you thinking to start your blog/website this year or next year to get passive earnings? then this is for you..! We gonna share some Quick SEO Tips For Beginners 2020.

If you own a blog/website then SEO( Search engine optimization ) is essentials for you because without doing this you cannot get organic traffic through search engines and SEO is the only way to rank your content in Google or other search engines. Without getting traffic on your blog/website you are not gonna earn a single penny.

In this short article, we will tell you Quick SEO Tips For Beginners 2020.

SEO Tips 2020 To Promote Your Blog/Website

No matter which year you are going to read this but these tips will be helpful forever.

1- Don’t try to copy someone else content. create your own content and unique content, creativity is the things which always pay you back.
Remember: be a trendsetter, not a copycat.No matter how long does it take.

2- Work on quality not on quantity, Google likes quality and unique work so that it will be easy to rank.

3- Use all the social media power to utilize group pages communities profiles. Create different id’s join as many social media platforms as you can.
Recommended: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit, Youtube, Pinterest.

4- Try to use images in your content and must use Alt text and in alt text use your keyword.

5- Use your keywords in permalinks.

6- Engage public, reply to all the comments on your blog/website and other social media platforms. Every single user is important in this business.

7- Use all 3 forms of content marketing.Such as writing content on blog/website. Make videos on youtube. Record Podcast and submit to iTunes/Apple or Google podcast.

8- Keep checking your spam score.How to check this one Click here.

9- If you are new and reading this then go with the expired domain with Good page authority and domain authority because there are more chances to rank content on Google as compared to the new domain with zero page and domain authority.

10- Create backlinks on relevant sites. Google doesn’t like it if you are creating backlinks on irrelevant sites. Even though Google will penalize your content if you do this to gain thousand of backlinks.

Remember: One quality backlink is better than the 1000 low-quality backlinks.

11- Don’t work with subdomains use your own domain and main domain.

12- Keep checking your website loading speed. It matters a lot. How to check it and how to increase it Click here

13- Must use a premium tool like SEMrush, AHref or Moz to analyze your overall performance checking your spam score irrelevant backlinks competitor analysis it’s highly recommended.

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