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Is your Website running slow? and you are really worried about it. There might be several reasons for Slow Website Loading as well as several solutions you can apply to fix this issue.

Being a user I will find many websites with having good quality content. However, I would prefer to browse the fastest one.

if I’m getting slow any website which response is slow I won’t go over there again.its called bad user experience. Definitely, Google will notice this and that specific website ranking will be down.

In this article, we will discover some new plugins to fix slow website loading and also get to know what are the exact Reasons for Slow Website Loading.

Let’s Get started.


Many things can slow down your website speed ultimately down your website that is not a good sign as per the search engine point of view. The only way to get rid of this issue is to maintain website other words, increase your website speed.

How you can increase your website speed. We have already discussed in another article. Click here.

Now here many people will raise the question of why the speed gets down.

There are several reasons why WordPress website speed got down.

Sometimes you upload big size images with optimizing and these unoptimized Images can really slow down your website.

Simply install “ short pixel ” image optimizer to get your web speed back to normal.

short pixels

You can simply go to plugins then install it. Although it’s not fully free However a free portion work fine.

Sometimes web cache and CSS/JS slow down your Website speed. So simply clear caches and minified CSS/JS with the help of a simple plugin called ” WP Fastest Cache ” This plugin will remove your current page cache and minified CSS/JS and you will see the real difference before installing this off after using this.

WP fastest cache

This plugin is also offering some premium features but using it free not a bad idea at all. When you install this plugin go to the settings page of this plugin you will see some checkboxes click all the available checkboxes, However, some boxes will be locked only premium members can use those options. then save. It will work automatically or you can use it manually a new option will be available for you next to the customization bar at the top.

Sometimes you reduce the size of your images but it still performing and loading slowly, what else you should do now?
You have to install imagify its another wonderful plugin it makes your image load smoothly when a user scrolls down your web page. it really improves the performance of your website.


These few things can really fix your website’s slow loading issue. However, you buy the premium version of these plugins to get better performance of your website.

You can check your website speed on GTmetrix

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