Tips and tricks to take an order on fiverr

Are you working on Fiverr and not getting orders? Don’t worry you are not alone, thousands of people having the same issue. We will guide you about a few tips and tricks to take an order on Fiverr.

There are more than 50 online market places where you can sell your services but Fiverr is best among them. Sometimes we don’t get orders especially it happens with beginners who recently created a GIG but they don’t get orders,why?
There are a few things you should remember before creating a GIG and expecting orders.

In this article, we’ll share some useful Tips and tricks to take an order on Fiverr and how you can avoid Fiverr penalties.


Tips and tricks

Before posting a GIG remember these things.

1- Create your own GIG. it shouldn’t be copied from some else GIG.

2- Show the portfolio of your previous works.

3- Try to create your own GIG image and it should be in HD and clear and GIG should be mention on the image.
Use to create images.

4- If you are a new seller then offer your work for a minimum of 5$ to get 5-star ratings. After completing 4,5 orders increase your price gradually.

5- Maintain your response time. try to reply to your client’s query in the inbox as soon as possible.

6- Use one account with one internet don’t try to manipulate or deceive Fiverr. Don’t use Fiverr from the public internet

7- Create one id from one Pc because Fiverr remembers your mac address.

8- Try to online in the morning timings of the US and Europe.

9- If you are not getting orders then ask your friend to give you an order and 5-star ratings after completing 4,5 order you will get regular orders.

10- Call your buyer with his/her name doesn’t call them mam or sir.

11- Read out the GIGS and profile of your competitors who getting regular orders, try to make a similar one but don’t copy.

12- When you complete your work don’t show the original file to the client. Send them with watermark.

13- You can make 7 GIGs at a time, what will you get by doing this? If you don’t get orders from one GIG then other gigs will help you to get orders.

14- If you haven’t created another gig and you want to stay with the one and not getting an order then delete the GIG and create your GIG again.

15- Use headshot image on your profile picture it attracts buyers.

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