What Are Bookmarks?How To Save Your Favorite Web Pages

What are Bookmarks? How to save bookmarks? If you are thinking to explore this browser feature then you are on the right platform we’ll guide you about the uses of bookmarks and how its useful.

Bookmarks are really great way to save your favorite pages and start viewing it later where you closed it last time. This way you don’t need to search your favorite website of the page again on Google you can reopen the page where you left last time,thats how it works.

In this article, You gonna learn What Are Bookmarks? How To Save Your Favorite Web Pages.


Let’s get started with your first bookmark.

First of all, open your favorite website suppose youtube is your favorite and you don’t want to search it on Google every time.

What Are Bookmarks How to save bookmarks

Look at the top right ” star icon ” will be shown you have to click over it.

What Are Bookmarks How to save bookmarks

Save it and find out where it saved. When this will be save this start icon will turn into blue.

What Are Bookmarks How to save bookmarks

Click the left sidebar and look for the Bookmark option.

When you find this option as mention in the above image look at the right side all the links you can view right now, these all are saved pages or our bookmarks. But where is our saved bookmark? Scroll down it will be on the bottom of this sidebar.

saved pages

See it’s in last we have successfully saved our first page.

What happens when you want to reinstall your browser or maybe windows. How will you recover your bookmarks. This is very simple export your bookmark folder and after installing a new window or browser import this folder everything will be shown with the same sequence, Isn’t cool enough. Let’s see how to import and export bookmarks.

Bookmark manager

Click the bookmark manager.

export bookmarks

Find out the export option.

click export and save bookmark

Click export and save a bookmark on your system or in flash drive.


saved bookmark

Save this file on your computer as a backup.

bookmark file

That’s how your bookmark file will look like.

import bookmarks

Now again go to the same page by using the same option where you have had chosen an export option. This option will be available up next to the export option.

After importing this folder each and every saved link/page will be visible as it was before on the older browser.

We are all done with our topic.

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