What are the Youtube Copyright strike basics reasons


Do you know that Youtube has all the right to remove your channel permanently from its search result? Even though your all videos, comments, likes, earnings everything will disappear. What are the Youtube Copyright strike basics reasons?

Youtube believes in original content. It never allows you to copy someone else content in your video.

For example.

1- Someone else video

2- Someone else image

3- Someone else music

4- Video cuttings

These above mention items are called copyrights. It means if you are creating your own content that would be your copyright, no one else can copy your content, If someone found using your content you can send them copyright strike.

Youtube will send them a strike as a warning that why are you using this person content? If you got a strike by Youtube and you are confident that this is your content you can appeal to Youtube against this strike.

If this strike is original then remove that video as soon as possible youtube will give you 60 days‘ time to remove the video or specific copyright part from your video.

After 60 days Youtube will send you the 2nd strike. If you still found guilty in the previous video or any other new video.
If in any other case, Youtube sends you the 3rd strike your Youtube channel will be removed permanently all the data will be removed from your channel, Your videos, thumbnails, comments, likes everything.

Remember: When you have got your first strike, then you should need to be very careful because if you will not get any other strike in 60 days, Your first strike will be removed so again you would have 3 strikes remaining.

2nd thing it’s not necessary that you won’t get 2nd strike between 60 days, You can get this. It’s totally up to Youtube.

How to remove Youtube video Strike

Suppose if you have got a strike on your video then you have to remove that video and you have to request Youtube to remove this strike as soon as possible. How will you request Youtube?

Go to your Gmail and send an email to Youtube. This is the email address of youtube.


What mail you have to type to the Youtube to remove the video that is given below.

Remove copyright Strike ( Type this line in Email )

Subject: Retract Copyright Strike

Dear Sir, I am Sorry for Uploading a video ( Type video title here ) on YouTube in which I have used your content. I assure you that I will never upload this type of video again on my YouTube channel. It’s my mistake that I uploaded the video on my channel for that I really apologize I request you to retract the claim. I shall be very thankful to you.

Here Are Video Details ( Type video URL here )

Best Regards: Your Name

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