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Are you trying to get backlinks for your website but you don’t know how to create it? Don’t worry you are on the right platform. we will tell you what are backlinks and how you can create it for your own website.

When your website getting a link from an external website its called backlink. In other words when a user coming to your website from another website by clicking on a link its called your backlink.

backlink created when one website links to another website it’s also called inbound links or incoming links. These backlinks improve your Google rating and your domain and page authority. Collect or create as many backlinks as you can so that your website authority will be increased and your website content chances will be high to rank at the top of Google’s first page as compared to the low authority websites.

In this article, we will tell you how you can create authority backlinks and what are the techniques you can use to create backlinks.


We will discuss two things in this article.

1-  Different techniques to create backlinks.

2- Types of backlinks.

Different techniques to create backlinks.

Web 2.0- This is the best way and technique to get backlinks. In this method, you have to create different websites that allow you to create a free website it also called a dummy website. For example, Blogger.com, WordPress.com, weebly.com, wix.com, tumblr.com, and many of these websites allow you to create a free blogging website. What you have to do just create a free blogging website and then write a few articles on these new websites and paste your main website link in these articles. This is one way you can get backlinks for your website.

Directory submissions- in this method you have to search directories on Google for link building. These are high authority websites that allow users to submit their website link and get a backlink fo their websites. These websites are usually free. For example, Yellow pages and yelp are the famous directory submission websites.

Blog Commenting- Search on open blog commenting websites. Google will display a result of thousands of websites or blogs that allowing you to comment without pending approval of the website administrator. Most websites give you an option to comment but when you post the link of your website they will not approve your comment or they will block your IP. 

Guest post- This is also a good method to go to any website that is similar to your website ask them to publish your article.in other words request them. They can also charge to publish your article that’s not a bad choice at all if you getting a high authority backlink. Remember one thing one high authority backlink is better than a 1000 low authority backlinks.

Use social media platforms- you can get backlinks from different social as well but these backlinks will be ” do follow” backlinks and Google does not crawl no-follow backlinks. we will discuss it later.

These were some techniques to make incoming links for your website.

Types of backlinks.

There are two types of backlinks.

1-Do follow

2-No follow

Do follow backlinks.

well, do-follow backlinks mean we are allowing Google crawlers and humans to click URL from an external source and come onto our websites, these links or URLs called do-follow backlinks. Google only includes do-follow backlinks to rank our website in search engine. Search engines do not rank your website on the basis of no-follow links. As we have already discussed different techniques on how to get backlinks all these links will be do-follow links of our website except the links we are getting from social platforms because we get no-follow links from social media.

No-follow backlinks.

Social media posting and getting links is a kind of no-follow links. Because we create no-follow links just for humans, not for crawlers of Google.

For example, If we have a technology website and we are writing an article, sometimes we want our user to click some highlighted links to view another website these are called outbound links. Here I want to clear one thing, you cannot make a link of any irrelevant website which is not supposed to match your website niche if you do this Google will consider as a bad outbound link. But if it’s important that you to want your user to click that specific link so you can make this link as a no-follow link so your user will be able to click that link but Google crawler will not crawl that link and will not be able to go that website. That’s why sometimes no-follow links are also important.

Suppose if you want to make any link ” No follow ” for Google just simply go to post editor open HTML and add
rel=”no Follow ” .

However, Both do follow and no follow links are important, you can say that in SEO term. In Google ranking, do-follow links are 80% important and no-follow links are 20% important.

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