what is Black hat White hat and Gray hat SEO Techniques

Are you looking to grab organic traffic? Then SEO is the thing for you to get organic traffic from search engines. These organic users are really beneficial for your traditional and online businesses if you are doing proper SEO of your business.

Before starting SEO for your business you must know about a few SEO techniques. These techniques are often used in SEO. which is namely known as white hat SEO, Gray hat SEO, and Black hat SEO.

In this article, we will guide you on what is Black hat White hat and Gray hat SEO Techniques.

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White Hat SEO

White hat SEO referred to as legal techniques allowed by Google itself. It focuses on users from organic method.No matter where these users are coming from. either it can come from search engines or it can come from social media.

we do on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We promote our content on Google through Google ads. we promote our business on social media’s feature ads.we promote our business on Olx and other classified or woo-commerce websites these all are white hat techniques. and these techniques are official and legal.

Black Hat SEO

Gray hat seo

Black hat SEO referred to as illegal techniques in which our main focus would be search engine visibility. This method is more effective than white hat SEO. White hat SEO techniques take time to rank your content in first place on Google. Whereas, black hat SEO techniques take less time and your content will on the top rank in Google.

In this method, you probably create PBN networks use proxy servers using virtual IPs,  log in with many systems at a time,
You do create hundreds of websites and giving a link to your own website. These techniques are illegal according to Google terms and conditions. It works for a short time, especially if you are buying an SEO and the one whom you buying this service he is promising you to rank your website in a month, it simply means he is going to do black hat SEO to rank your content in Google. After months Google will definitely get to know about your shortcuts and Google penalize your website and add to Google’s blacklist. and you are over.

Gray Hat SEO 

Gray hat seo

It is referred to as a mixture or combination of Black and white hat SEO. In this method, we use both techniques to focus on organic users and search engine visibility as well. But at the end of the day this technique will be included in a black hat and someday Google will definitely penalize your website. So stay calm and do your hard work and use only white hat SEO which is legal and long term.

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