What is dark theme of Youtube How to change youtube colour

YouTube’s current theme is designed with two colours red and white. Did you know that you can change the entire youtube theme colour and replace red and white combination with a dark theme? What is dark theme of Youtube How to change youtube colour?

Youtube has recently launched its new colour scheme besides its existing theme its called dark theme. In this dark mode, you won’t be able to see red and white theme colour,Youtube has replaced it with black and blue which looks amazing. Although twitter and facebook have already launched their dark themes, this time youtube has done the same because it attracts lots of users and its a part of youtube strategy to keep users spending more time on youtube.

Let’s get started how to enable this dark mode.


Enable dark mode Step by step:-

Login to your Gmail account and then open your Youtube account.

What is dark theme of Youtube How to change youtube colour

Click that image icon at the top right corner and explore more options.

dark mode of youtube

Look at the above image its clearly says that your dark mode is off. What we have to do from here, we just need to enable it.

Turn dark mode on

Hover over to this circle and Click over it. When It turns blue Your display will be changed.

Dark mode is on

Look at the above image again when it turns blue your display has been changed. Finally, your dark mode is on.

If you again want to change it back to default simply Turns it off again it’s very very simple.

Turns the dark mode off

See dark mode is off. That’s how it works.

This is a very useful feature especially at night time when lights are usually off. It protects your eyes from dangerous light and it makes us feel like something new.

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