What is Fiverr?How to Use Fiverr, How to Find Online Work For Free

Are you finding online work for free? In which you can earn handsome revenue while staying at home, then Fiverr is the best place for you. We will guide you What is Fiverr? How to Use Fiverr and how you can earn on Fiverr.

Fiverr is an online open market place for freelancers where you can sell your skills and can get a handsome amount at your own place for instance, at home, office, etc.

Basically, Fiverr.com is a website where buyers and sellers both meet. The buyer is the one who needs someone to work for him as an employee(freelancer) and the seller is the one who needs work from a buyer(employer) and Fiverr is an open market place where both buyers and sellers meet.

In this article, you will get to know what is Fiverr? How to Use Fiverr and how to Find Online Work For Free on Fiverr.


Introduction of Fiverr and Freelancer

As I mentioned above Fiverr is an online market place. It was launched in 2010. It’s an Israel based online company that allows both buyer and seller to exchange words to give orders, complete work and get paid online. It’s totally online.

Fiverr is made for Freelancers.

Who is Freelancer

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers his/her services online.He/she can work on multiple projects at home and he/she can charge you an hourly/monthly or weekly basis. Freelancers also called sellers because they are selling you their services for short term projects. Those who gave you an order called buyers because they are buying your services and paying you.

How to start Work on Fiverr

Go to www.fiverr.com then click join.

Online Work For Free-how to use fiverr

then put your email id and press continue.

Fiverr signup

Now type choose a unique for you and set a password.

set fiverr id password

After putting your email id and password. Next, verify email id

verify fiverr email id


Go to your email id and then verify it

.Online Work For Free

Click and activate your account. You will get this message.

Account successfully activated! Hey, this is a great time to ” edit your profile

Fiverr account created

this is your main Fiverr home page, the top arrow represents that Fiverr is congratulating you on creating Fiverr account successfully next left side arrow showing your user name of Fiverr.we hide it for privacy purposes.

Now start editing your profile click above edit profile.

edit fiverr profile

Click at the top right corner then click > Profile > start editing your profile. It will take you to the main page of your profile. You have to put all the information very carefully, After reading this profile information buyer will decide either to give a project or not.

set fiverr story in one line

First of all set, your profile image.

Try to put a headshot image if you don’t have this one then go out to any photography shop ask them to click one headshot image of yours. Take the softcopy of that image and upload it here. If you have your own camera go with it. If you don’t know about headshot image then Google it.

After putting an image write one line story of your skill suppose im content write what I will put there.

“I write fully optimized SEO free articles

This would be my one-line story. You have to write your own according to your skill. This line would play a backbone role on your Fiverr account.

Now write about your self in ” Description ” where are you from whats your qualification and write about your skill.

fiverr description

Type your description very carefully this is the brain of account. After one line story buyer will read this description you have to write it very carefully in detail. It should clearly show the skills that you can do for buyers.

After done with these steps our next step is to create a ” GIG

Fiverr GIG

GIG is called a skill. You can have many skills, find out what is your skill. For example,

I can write articles

I can do SEO of your content

I can create websites on WordPress

These are three skills of mine so it means I will create 3 gigs or 3 skills. Learn more about GIGS Click here.

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