What is incognito window what are the benefits of using it


Why Use Incognito Window

What is incognito window? Why we use this? what are the benefits of using this window. These are some demanding questions nowadays.

Incognito is a private tab or private window in Google Chrome its also known as ” private browsing tab in firefox
It mostly uses for Private Browsing because it doesn’t store your cookies, browsing history and it stops others for using your personal data.

This is basically a Private and separate tab in your existing browser and it enhances your user experience. It is really beneficial especially when you are using a public computer because if you are using any browser online that browser will store your cookies of surfing websites and others can access your data very easily.

Incognito mode secures our data and prevents people from using this.

How to enable incognito window

If you are using Chrome type ” Ctrl+Shift+N


This window will be opened. This is an incognito window. You can securely here.

If you are using Mozila then type “ ctrl+shift+p ” this will open an incognito window.

If you are using opera then use opera free VPN, which protects your system from malware and malicious websites.

Benefits of Incognito Window

  • 1- It deletes your cookies automatically
  • 2- It disables the third party extensions
  • 3- Reducing the chances of malware attacks
  • 4- Good for private banking
  • 5- Good for chatting if you don’t want your browser to store your personal messages

Reality incognito/Private browsing

Private browsing is good as compared to the open browsing. No matter you are using the incognito mode, your internet service provider still can access your viewed sites your browsing history.

The private browser of the incognito/private browsing cannot hide your IP address while an open browser can hide your IP address using a VPN.

You cannot stop certain websites like facebook and other websites stop being using your personal info because these websites stores cookies in your browser so they can access your personal data any time.

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