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What is SEO on Google? How you can do this? What are the benefits of SEO? These are the few that come in your mind when you heard this word SEO on Google.

SEO stands for ” Search Engine Optimization

Let’s make it very simple for your understanding. there are 3 Words.

1- Search 2- Engine 3- Optimization

Search ” This is referred to as information. A famous Scientist ” Albert Einstein said, “I was not an extraordinary student I was curious for searching new things.” Humans are curious for information from the beginning of humanity after years of the search Word “Science” has developed. After so many inventions of Science people finally collected Sufficient data and it was necessary to save that in the original form for future inventions as well as for an upcoming generation.

Finally after the revolution of an internet Search Engine has been invented. These ” Engines ” or ” Search Engines ” Have primary search results. It shows the most relevant search results people search for.

The Internet is accessible to everyone. People made websites, pages, accounts, they put data in the form of pdf, images, video, etc. What search and engine do, when these two things start working combine its called ” Search Engine ” and these search engines collect information from people pages, websites, social accounts and then stored the most relevant searches and data to its search engine.

Remember: There are many search engines nowadays, the most famous ones are Yahoo, Google and of course Bing.

People search for many things at the same time but the search engine optimizes the most relevant search results.

These above three things called ” Search Engine optimization

in this article, you are going to learn how it works and what are the benefits of learning SEO.

Let’s GET Started

How Search Engines Works 

Search engines work according to their “ Algorithm ” and these algorithms designed to collect information in the form of “Keywords ” based on the public searches and if you put those searching keywords over your website. Google will definitely pick those keywords and it will rank your website on Google search engine.

How Search engine picked up these keywords from users?

Well, these Search engines create a program called ” Google bots ” ” yahoo bots ” ” Bing bots ” These bots sometimes also referred to as crawlers that crawl the pages images video whatever the data is published publically over website or anywhere on the internet.

For example, If a user creating an article on his/her web page and he/she putting or writing about one specific niche ” in an online world ” niche” means specific category or specific topic, like mobile its a niche, You can create your complete website on a mobile niche”
if you are using this specific word again and again so search engine bots will crawl and consider it as a keyword and then this keyword will be stored in the search engine its called “ Indexing

If your keyword is indexed in Search engines and lots of people are searching for this specific keyword then the Search engine will show the relevant results to the users. Search engines always have primary search results.

It doesn’t mean that your keyword is indexed and google or other search engines will show only your result to the users.
Be realistic, whatever the content on which you are working might be many other people doing the same then why the search engine will show your result at the top priority?

Searched Engines always shows the top pages which rank itself at the top and this only happens when you have done SEO of your content. So here im cleared to you, that what is search, what is a search engine, how it works, and what is the role of SEO. Next, we gonna discuss how we can do SEO and what are the benefits of doing it.

How to start SEO? What are the types of SEO?

Before starting SEO keep one thing in your mind whatever you are doing Online the ultimate purpose of doing that thing is to show on top of the google first page. that’s the main objective of SEO. Try different things techniques tips tricks to rank no one on google in that specific thing which you have.

How to rank No 1 on Google? The answer is SEO

What else other than SEO to be ranked No 1 on Google? Google AdWords or Google ads. its a premium service of google pay to google will be shown your content on the first page of google. However, Google will not rank your website at the top because this is against Google policies.

Suppose if you search any on google. For example, we are going to search for the SEO course lets see whats happens.

SEO on Google

As you can see above whoever owns this website that person buys the premium service of Google ads that’s why his/her website is at the top but Remember, as I mentioned earlier after the end of the subscription this website will no longer visible at the top.

The main purpose of SEO is to get organic traffic from search engines without paying a single pane to Google or any other search engine. However, you can buy SEO service if you are not familiar with SEO, Google won’t be able to judge who is working on your behalf either it’s you or someone else.

If you are doing Good Seo your content will be on top after paid ads because Google shows paid ads at the top see below

SEO on Google

These are the top results of the term SEO course we have searched earlier after Google ads. Remember these two websites doing good SEO that’s why these are at the top. When the paid ads will be invisible these ads will be on the top. Now, these webs are ranked second or third-ranked respectively in this specific keyword ” Seo Course“.

The question is still remains How to start? What are the types?

There are two types of SEO.

1- On-page SEO
2- Off-page SEO

1-On page SEO refers to the factors that you control on your website especially in writing an article and pinching the keywords where it’s needed.
On-page, SEO is about how you manage different factors like HI, H2, H3, H4 headings  After many words are available in your article, how many times you used keywords and several other factors.why this is important because if you do manage your on-page content in a proper way Google crawlers will crawl your content easily and its really important for your website rankings in Google. For more details click here

2- Off-page SEO is all about a link-building. Promote your content URL or your website or product link as much as you can. over social media over mobile phone SMS over WhatsApp facebook Instagram Tumblr LinkedIn Reddit. Use all social media and available resources. Off-page SEO is 70% important than On-page SEO. its 30% of overall.

Different people use different techniques to promote their content on the internet. They have their own strategies to be rank No 1 on google. Many people can share some part of their strategies but they hide their overall technique for premium users.
Some use illegal techniques to promote your content if you are their customer by using those techniques you will rank no 1 on Google but after few months Google will blacklist your site. For more details click here.

SEO is just like science and inventions you will not succeed every time. Sometimes you pass sometimes you fail. All it happens will Google. So you have to keep trying and work hard Google will surely rank your content to some extent depending on your and the way of its advertising.

Remember two things:

Content is the key and the king“. Make unique content Google needs Unique content
Work on quality, not on quantity“. Work less but work hard to retain uniqueness. Promote efficiently.

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