What is the Best Thumbnail size of Fiverr GiG Image

What is the Best Thumbnail size of Fiverr GiG Image? Do you know that 40% of buyers click your GIG by viewing your GIG image?

Have you ever heard that the first impression is the last? It works everywhere apart from physical life. When a buyer lands on the main page of a specific GIG category he/she notices two things first good ratings second your GIG image. GiG image or Thumbnail is the thing that forced the buyer to click on your GIG. So if you have completed many orders with 5-star ratings you going to win this battle. So should be understood how important is this.

in this article, we’ll let you know what is the Best Thumbnail size of Fiverr GiG Image and how you can create it.


Best Thumbnail Size on Fiver

The best size of the Fiverr thumbnail image is 550 pixels by 370 pixels.

These are the dimensions of Fiverr which allows you to create stunning GIG images with maximum picture size is 5mb.

You can choose jpg or png.

What is the best way to create a GIG image for Fiverr?

Create a Fiverr thumbnail.

You can find as much software as you find if you know how to work on photoshop then it’s good if you don’t know how to work on photoshop then im gonna tell you the best website on which you can create beautiful images in seconds. Let’s create one image as a demo.

Open your browser and type ” Canva


Click the first link it will take you to the main page of Canva. Canva is a free website that allows you to create stunning images.

create an image in canva


Now choose the custom dimensions as per the custom size of Fiverr which is 550 pixels by 370 pixels.

custom dimensions in canva

Type 550*370 and then enter ” Create a design

canva blank page

You will get a blank page like this of your custom size and you can the editing option on the left side with already pre-built templates you can start editing from scratch or you can choose from free available templates. There are many options for text styling already made templates change background colors everything.

Let’s create with scratch click on the blank page it will enable changing background color options where you can change the page color from white to your choice.

change canva image color

Click on the color palette and choose the page color.

color palette of canva

we have choosed green and you can see that the white page turns green.

Now add some text on this page.

text box of canva

Click ” Text ” on the left side you can see many options of pre-built text templates. Click and choose the one you would like to add

What is the Best Thumbnail size of Fiverr

As you can see in the above image our dummy text has been displayed on the image you can edit it accordingly.

What is the Best Thumbnail size of Fiverr

If you are done with editing now click on the ” Publish ” option.

You will get multiple options to share this image or to save this image. Click ” Downloads“.

It will show you more options.

What is the Best Thumbnail size of Fiverr

Choose the file format I would like to choose JPG you can save it as PNG as well. Click and Download.

Download canva image

Click download.

What is the Best Thumbnail size of Fiverr

You can see that your image has been downloaded. You are all done

fiverr gigs

These are some samples of Fiverr GIG images you can also make these types of images on canva.


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