What is the Difference Between Fiverr And Upwork

Are you a freelancer and confused between Fiverr and Upwork which one is the best? then you shouldn’t be because both are best although there are some differences between both, What is the Difference Between Fiverr And Upwork? Keep reading…

When you start searching for freelancing platforms you might gonna find many options. For example, PeoplePerHour, Envato Studio,Toptal,Guru.com,DesignCrowd,Freelancer.com.I would like to add a comment here, All are the best platforms. Among all these options Fiverr and Upwork is simply the best.

Now a question being raised which one is the best b/w Fiverr and Upwork and What is the Difference Between Fiverr And Upwork? Everything you are going to learn in this article.


Difference Between Fiverr And Upwork

The first thing keeps in mind Fiverr and Upwork both are open market places for freelancers where buyers and sellers contact each other and exchange their projects and services. Ultimately buyers gave orders to sellers they complete their work and get paid.

Fiverr was introduced in 2010 by an Israel based company and Upwork was introduced in 2014. It was a merger of two freelancer platforms oDesk and Elance.

Let me clear few things then decide on which platform you should work because according to me it’s your choice at the end of the day.

On Fiverr, you can get repeatable orders,it means you can get the order of similar types of GIGs again and again because on Fiverr you are the one who set the Scope which service you are offering to the buyers. However, on Upwork client sets the requirements of his/her project and you have to bid according to his requirements so then he/she will choose the most suitable one to assign the project.

Upwork is best for those who want to earn more because on upwork you get high paying jobs and long term clients.
On the other hand, on Fiverr, you will get short term client with a low budget like starting from 5$

On Fiverr, you can create multiple GIGs and you can get an order on any GIG but in Upwork you get the job related to your skill only.

Fiverr is 100% free but Upwork starting charging sellers due to high competition and to restrict spammers who create profiles but never work. So you have to buy an Upwork package to get specific bids to get orders.

Conclusion: You have to choose the platform according to your skill you are an app developer and web developer so you must choose Upwork because Fiverr is good for short term orders not good for long term orders. The decision is all yours.

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