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Are you a new user on WordPress and things getting confused? It happens, and don’t need to panic we bring up some simple WordPress settings to make it easy for you to get started.

After installation, this is the most important step you going to take to make correct WordPress settings to run everything smoothly. Sometimes people have done everything correctly but they got confused in multiple things, for example, they don’t know how to setup page settings how to set up a home page settings, changing the date, permalink structure, etc.

in this article, we gonna solve this puzzle How to Configure WordPress Settings, keep reading.


Follow the basic steps to configure WordPress settings. You will many options there in the settings but you should not touch or edit everything except the things we’ll discuss in this article.

First thing you need to do is to login into your WordPress admin panel, then go to settings straight away.

WordPress Settings

as mention above when you click settings, you might get many options but you should play with the rest of the settings.

General Settings

WordPress Settings

Here we have multiple things and each and everything is necessary to set and very very important so fill these empty lines very carefully.

1- First one is your site title it will show at the top of your website, suppose you have a website and your website name is ” Facebook ” then in this field you will type facebook and then save. When a user hovers over the mouse on the link tab this name will be shown that called your site identity.

look above, facebook tag is showing, now move onto the second thing.

2- The second one is tag line as you see above the site title after setting up the title you will write tagline For example,
you have just wrote Facebook as your site title now you can set tag line ” stay connect together ” this is our own created tagline this will be shown next to out site title.

3-This is your site URL which you just had put during installation this will be same as the site URL.For example

4- Read point no 3 both are same.

5- you can set up your email from Cpanel of your hosting server WordPress will send all the necessary email on this email id you can set it as

6- It’s optional it is used when you allow users to get register onto your website.

7-its depend up to you if people are logging on your web then make them whatever you want to.or leave this as it is..

8-Change the language, mostly use English, again its depend on you

9- Set the date according to your Country.

Reading Settings

Reading WordPress

We have two option here Post page and static page. Remember always set your home page as the static page it means when a user will search and enter your site he/she will land on this page.

The second option is recent posts page you can set your blog page as your recent post page or you can show your page anywhere on your website its up to you again then leave other options as it is.

Permalinks Settings

Permalink is called your post URL just like your website URL For example, we are putting this article and our permalink is

As you have seen above we have set our post name as our permalink. we have many options above like numeric date or month or custom URL options but always set to post name option,” post name ” as your permalink of all your website post. we didn’t highlight above but you can understand the structure with our example. and left every remaining option as it is.

We are done with settings.

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