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Are you thinking to use the Yoast SEO plugin for on-page SEO? And you are not familiar with Yoast SEO Settings. Then this is for you. On-page SEO really essential for the website overall optimization. Although its 30% of overall SEO out of 100. However, if you are not doing on-page properly then you are not going to get the remaining 70% which is called off-page SEO.

Yoast SEO is a free plugin over WordPress.it allows you to do on-page SEO. Although it’s not 100% free. However, the free version is sufficient to do on-page SEO. Yoast SEO automatically enables your on-page settings.it will let you know about your website on-page errors and rooms for improvement where it’s needed.

You don’t need to be an expert to do on-page SEO because of Yoast. After installing Yoast it will tell what you need to do with your content.

Remember: On-page SEO is all about managing your on-page content. How to use keyword.How to use headings. How many words you have to write and how to use images in your content this is all about on-page SEO and Yoast provides these guidelines.

Let’s Get Started.


This article is all about Yoast settings. When you installed this plugin from the plugins section in WordPress by writing ” Yoast SEO ” this is the actual name of this plugin. You will get a new option at the left menu bar with the name of ” SEO ” have a look over the image below.

Yoast seo settings

This is how Yoast will look like. Now you can see we have got many options. Like general, search appearance, search console, etc.

These settings will play a vital role before starting and using Yoast. These settings should be SEO friendly and Google-friendly. You don’t need to play with all the settings just try to stay with general settings and search appearance. Left the other options for now. We will write after this article.

Now start with the general settings.

Yoast SEO settings

Hover over a click general.it will take you to the general settings as we have already clicked and you can view the settings.

In the above image, you can see many options, purple one represents current settings and white ones showing no clicks.
All you need to do is to follow the settings we have clicked over there.if anything is different in your Yoast settings then make it correct and stay with us. then save.

If you really want to know the function of each option then you can see the”? ” mark next to the main headings. Click and read about the option.

Move on to the next settings which are ” Search Appearance ” In this section, you will get many settings.

Yoast Seo settings

As I have already mentioned after clicking Search Appearance you have got many options like content type, Media, RSS, etc. Now Open every tab one by one and make correct your settings.review your settings twice and match with our settings.

post settings

Scroll down for more settings.

post settings

Keep going and scroll down for more settings.

save settings

After checking all the settings save it and Now move on to the next tab which is Media settings.


Save media settings and move onto the taxonomies settings.


Scroll down for more settings.

texonomies settings

keep scrolling and correct your settings.

texonomies settings

save your settings and move on to the archives settings.

archieves settings

save settings and move on to the breadcrumbs.


save Breadcrumbs settings and move on to the RSS.


Leave this section as it is.

So finally we have configured Yoast in our upcoming articles we will explore some more settings of Yoast.

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