How to Fix When YouTube is Not Working on Google Chrome

Sometimes it happens when you try to play youtube but it doesn’t work. Why this has happened. This is typically a browser issue and it often occurs in Google chrome browser. What to do when it happens? How to Fix When YouTube is Not Working on Google Chrome?

Google and Youtube both own by Google itself, but it doesn’t mean that if youtube is not working then a browser would also be not working. Sometimes If youtube has not working then the browser would not be affected by this, it will be working fine it will be opening normal sites then what goes wrong with youtube?

In this article, we’ll try to Fix When YouTube is Not Working on Google Chrome.


Remember Youtube is not a software or an extension if it’s not working then the server could be busy. If the problem persists then your browser might be creating this issue.How to fix this issue.

When you will have a problem with Youtube your screen might Look like this.

YouTube is Not Working on Google Chrome

It simply means Youtube is unable to show you any result. Now start fixing it.

Different methods to solve this issue:-

Method 1- 

Go to your control panel and type and type ” Task Manager

Task manager

Open task manager as suggested above.

YouTube is Not Working on Google Chrome

Select chrome program and ” End Task ” this will close your browser now open your web browser again and open Youtube check out is it working or not.

If it is not working then do something else.

Method 2-

Configure your browser settings.

chrome settings

Click over dots and explore more options Go to settings and scroll down and look for advanced options.

chrome advance settings

Scroll down.

use hardware acceleration when available

Turn this ” Hardware acceleration ” Option on if it turns off and again check has youtube working or not working.

If not then try something else.

Method 3-

Clear all browsing data cache cookies everything from your browser.

Clear all browsing data

Remove all the browsing data, history everything and check its working or not working.

If the above-mentioned methods are not working then use another browser and enjoy Youtube you still want to use Youtube on Chrome then uninstall and reinstall it.

If still youtube is not working then change your system or install windows again.

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