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Are you really not happy with your buyer behavior on Fiverr? then its time to block your buyer because Fiverr has finally introduced this feature.

‘As we all know Fiverr is more friendly in terms of buyers as compared to sellers. More than a decade Fiverr has been criticized by the sellers and other communities taking the side of buyers but finally, its time to give some relief for sellers to get a new option about to block rude buyers.

In this article, we will guide you step by step How to Block Certain Buyer On Fiverr.

Block Certain Buyer On Fiverr

There are two methods you can block certain buyers if they are rude if they disappear after giving you order if they ask you irrelevant questions and so on.

You can simply complete the order first, then go the buyer’s fiver profile there you will get an option to block the buyer or block this user. After blocking the certain user he/she won’t be able to see your profile your GIGs and he/she won’t be able to send you any message,this is one method to block a certain buyer.

Secondly, You can block a buyer right away from your inbox by ” Report a message ” when you report his message Fiverr will give you an option to block a buyer you can simply report and block the user, he/she won’t be able to see your profile your GIGs until you unblock them.

Remember: This feature is only for some sellers not for everyone. Fiverr has not announced any certain policy about the users who get this option if you are getting this you are lucky one.

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